Clear View


What We Offer

Clear View Boat Detailing & Shrink Wrap is a mobile business that specializes in bringing out the best in your boating experience. Whether you have a 15ft pontoon boat or a 100ft yacht, our detailing is custom-tailored to the individual client’s needs. This process can involve anything from a simple wash and wax, all the way to a complete multi-step gel/paint restoration involving multiple buffing compounds and pads based on the individual boat’s needs. The detailing process can also involve many other things based on the client’s desires such as teak restoration, carpet cleaning, mold/mildew removal, vinyl/canvas cleaning, engine rooms, interiors, and much more. Weekly washes are also offered for customers in the summertime who are looking to maximize their boating pleasure by minimizing their time spent cleaning.

Shrink Wrap

Clear View Boat Detailing & Shrink Wrap also offers completely mobile shrink wrap services for customers who are looking to protect their investment which can include boat, pontoon, houseboat, wave runner, farm equipment, machinery, freight/transportation, building containment, camper/RV. Whatever it is, no matter how big or small we’ve got you covered. Our shrink wrap contains quality UV inhibitors which allows your cover to withstand direct exposure to sunlight during the off-season. Shrinkwrap is an ideal protective material with a wide variety of applications and an ideal choice over tarps because it provides a taut cover that will not shift or chafe. The smooth surface is also ideal for shedding snow. We take great pride in covering your boat with the greatest care. Supports are made from 2×4 lumber and foam to prevent them from slipping or scraping and reinforced with special strapping. All seams are heated and reinforced with special tape, while vents are added to provide adequate cross ventilation to rid of any excess moisture which helps prevent mold/mildew. Special shrink wrap services are also available for transportation boats or other items, such as industrial equipment/machinery which protects your product during travel. You can take comfort in knowing that when you have your boat covered by Clear View Boat Detailing & Shrink Wrap, it will be done right and that your purchase is an investment towards protecting your boat for years to come.